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portable laptop stand

Portable Laptop Desk (StandStand) Review

Review of portable laptop stand “StandStand”. StandStand allows you to work on your laptop in a standing position anywhere you can find a table.

portable printer

2014 Gifts For Graphic Designers

Collection of gadgets, devices and other gift ideas for the graphic designer in your life.

kinetic art sculpture

Incredible Kinetic Art Display

One of the coolest art displays ever. “Kinetic Rain” is a moving sculpture featuring 608 raindrop modules controlled by computers and motors.

design mockup

Design Mockup Bundle Deal + 3 Free Mockups

Hundreds of high quality design mockups for just $29, plus a free sample download before purchasing.

logo design for etsy shop

Custom Script Logo For Hand Made Jewelry Co.

Logo and identity design for my wife’s hand made jewelry and crafts startup business.

type kerning game

Test Your Type Kerning Skills With This Free Kerning Game

Practice your type kerning skills with this free, fun and helpful online kerning game.


How Much Time Do You Spend On Logo Projects?

I asked designers in a LInkedIn discussion, how much time they spend on logo design projects. Their answers surprised me.