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portable printer

2014 Gifts For Graphic Designers

12/06/2014 6:26 am / Other, Reviews, Workspace / 1 comment

Collection of gadgets, devices and other gift ideas for the graphic designer in your life.

kinetic art sculpture

Incredible Kinetic Art Display

10/05/2014 2:09 pm / Inspiration, Other / 2 comments

One of the coolest art displays ever. “Kinetic Rain” is a moving sculpture featuring 608 raindrop modules controlled by computers and motors.

adobe security breach

Graphic Designers / Adobe Users Credit Card Info May Be At Risk

10/04/2013 12:17 pm / Other, Tips / 2 comments

Adobe has announced a sophisticated network attack. If you’re a graphic designer or Adobe product user, you may be effected.

mistakes to avoid with design clients

Graphic Designers: Avoid These Mistakes With Your Clients

09/22/2013 1:41 pm / Clients, Freelance, Other / No comments

Mistakes graphic designers make when working with clients, and how to avoid them.

burning man ship

21 Cool Photographs From “Burning Man” 2013

09/08/2013 3:17 pm / Inspiration, Other / 3 comments

Photographs taken at “Burning Man 2013″ (some by amateurs, some by professionals, all worthy of your viewing).

Funny "How To Create A Hipster Logo" Guide

Funny “How To Create A Hipster Logo” Guide

08/25/2013 7:41 pm / Branding, Logo, Other / 2 comments

Tim Delger’s “The Hipster Logo Design Guide” pokes fun at the latest trends in logo design. It’s pretty funny, have a look.

graphic design nerd

Funny Video Response To Clients Wanting Free Graphic Design

06/04/2013 3:04 pm / Clients, Other / 3 comments

Video of of sarcastic response from a graphic designer to clients wanting graphic design work done for free. Watch it, it’s funny!