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psychology of persuasion

Get More Clients With Foot In Door Trick

02/25/2014 3:05 pm / Freelance, Marketing, Tips / 4 comments

Study shows that it’s much easier to persuade someone to do something if you start small. Watch this short video explaining the “foot in door” effect.

social media

How To Add Social Media Links To WordPress Posts

01/26/2014 12:44 pm / Marketing, Tips, Web / No comments

How to add social media share links to your Wordpress blog posts without the use of bloated plugins. Clean, minimalist, effective.

Gifts For Graphic Designers

Gifts For Graphic Designers

11/14/2013 5:22 pm / Reviews, Tips / 3 comments

Gift ideas for the graphic designer in your life. Hopefully this makes your shopping season a little easier.

adobe security breach

Graphic Designers / Adobe Users Credit Card Info May Be At Risk

10/04/2013 12:17 pm / Other, Tips / 2 comments

Adobe has announced a sophisticated network attack. If you’re a graphic designer or Adobe product user, you may be effected.

choose your designer

Hiring A Freelance Graphic Designer Vs Hiring A Design Agency

08/31/2013 11:45 pm / Clients, Freelance, Tips / 3 comments

What to expect when hiring a freelance graphic designer vs a graphic design agency.

designers say no to spec work

AIGA: How To Reply To Spec Work Seeking Graphic Design Clients

05/31/2013 11:58 am / Freelance, Resources, Tips / 4 comments

AIGA has put together a reply for graphic designers to use for spec work seeking clients, highlighting why spec work is bad for designers & clients.

stressed graphic designer

How Self Employed Graphic Designers Can Avoid Burnout

05/05/2013 5:04 pm / Freelance, Tips, Workspace / 2 comments

Here are some tips for self employed graphic designers to reduce stress levels and prevent burnout.