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type kerning game

Test Your Type Kerning Skills With This Free Kerning Game

08/03/2014 12:45 pm / Freebies, Typography / No comments

Practice your type kerning skills with this free, fun and helpful online kerning game.

aqua font free

4 Must Have Free Fonts (Commercial or Personal Use)

04/14/2014 7:34 am / Freebies, Typography / 2 comments

Most good typefaces cost a lot of money, but here are 4 that are completely free. Each of these fonts can be used for both personal and commercial projects. Clicking the images will take you […]

signika sans serif font

11 Free Commercial Fonts That You’ll Actually Use

06/23/2013 9:37 pm / Freebies, Typography / 6 comments

11 free fonts for commercial or personal use. Included are abstract, serif and sans serif typefaces.

fear loathing logo

Fear & Loathing Pen & Ink Logo Demo By Ralph Steadman

04/17/2013 4:41 pm / Inspiration, Other, Tips, Typography / 1 comment

In this video, pen and ink master Ralph Steadman creates his “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas” logo in all it’s splatter glory.

letterpress printing wood blocks

Wood Type & Letterpress Museum Needs Your Help

04/13/2013 3:57 pm / Other, Typography / No comments

Hamilton Wood Type & Printing (one of the worlds largest letterpress and wood type collections in the world) needs your help.

letterpress printing

Reviving The Lost Art Of Letterpress Printing

03/21/2012 9:28 pm / Inspiration, Typography / 2 comments

The digital age has removed us from the more tactile practices of letterpress & movable type printing, yet fortunately these¬†nostalgic¬†artforms haven’t been lost completely; thanks to those who are keeping these traditions alive.