Funny Video Response To Clients Wanting Free Graphic Design

06/04/2013 3:04 pm / by / 2 comments

The next time someone approaches you wanting graphic design work done for free, you could consider one of the responses mentioned in my article “How to reply to spec-work seeking graphic design clients“. Or, if you’re tired of taking the high road with people who show no respect for your need to make a living; consider a more sarcastic approach more akin to the video below. Watch it…it’s funny.

p.s. I’m all about pro-bono work for good causes or friends in need. I sure have done my share. My anti-spec stance is targeted more towards those who see nothing wrong with requesting graphic design work for free; as if designers have no bills to pay. The way I see it; if a client doesn’t have the money to invest in their business properly; they shouldn’t be in business. For most of us, graphic design is not a hobby; it’s our job. The decision to provide pro-bono work should be left to the service provider, not the other way around. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Chuck Nardone says:

    Was going to call but the tasteless video sent me clicking…

  2. DesignBuddy says:

    Sorry you were offended Chuck. I thought the video was all in good humor. Just a little sarcasm my friend.

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