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logitech performance mx computer mouse

As a graphic designer, it can be a task trying to find a quality computer mouse that fits all of your multitasking needs. If you’re anything like me and expect your mouse to be ergonomic, feature rich, cost efficient, and built to last…then do yourself a favor and check out the Logitech Performance Mx Mouse, currently selling for around $70 new on Amazon. (that link will take you there).

Sure, this mouse is a couple of years old now, but is just as feature rich as any newer offerings (and at 1/2 the price). And the build quality is great. After 3 years of strong use, mine is still going strong. With previous mice, I was lucky to make it a year before scroll wheel problems would present themselves. So far, no issues with the Performance Mx.

Aside from price and durability, what else does this mouse offer? First off, it’s extremely comfortable. I’ve never been able to use a mouse for such long periods of time without some sort of hand cramping. The sleek black and silver design is definitely nice as well. One of the best features in my opinion, is the precision scroll wheel which allows for fast or slow scrolling of a page or document. The movements are fluid with just the right amount of responsiveness to your finger’s touch. I’ve found this to be a tremendous time saver when perusing the internet or viewing a large document.

Another thing I love about this mouse is that it does not require batteries (money and time saver). All you have to do is charge it up via the supplied usb cord every few days (I do this when I’m sleeping). There is even a battery level indicator letting you know the charge status. As with any wireless usb mouse, they require that you plug a signal receiver into an available usb slot on your computer. Unlike my previous computer mice, the receiver for this one is very small and nonintrusive. This is especially convenient for laptop users who don’t want something protruding from the usb port and getting snagged on things.

My absolute favorite feature of modern day computer mouses are the numerous programable button options. The “Logitech Performance Mx” has plenty of buttons that can be programmed to open applications, activate keyboard shortcuts, zoom in and out, or open specific documents. Depending on the graphic design project I’m working on; I’ll switch between the mouse and my Wacom drawing tablet. Each has it’s own advantages.

Here is a screenshot of the mouse’s software, which allows for easy button assigning:

logitech mx mouse settingsMore detailed reviews of this lovely little device can be found on Amazon Here. I simply wanted to introduce the mouse to any fellow graphic designers, creatives or multitaskers who may be in the market for a new one. If you’ve used this particular computer mouse or can recommend any others, please share by commenting below. Thanks for reading.


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    Comfortable mouse, high DPI, adjustable dpi, quick response buttons, hyper scroll and It’s corded too reduce lag.

    The side buttons are to high, so to reach them u need to lift ur thumb up. Some mouses have them right under the thumb. It allows seems to be designed for a claw grip.

  • DesignBuddy

    You mention some good points. I suppose the side buttons are high because they would be too easy to accidentally click otherwise? I only use the side buttons for things like opening documents, so having to lift my thumb 3/4″ doesn’t really bother me. I guess if you were needing them for more frequent use it would be better to have them lower. I also don’t mind the shape of the mouse…it strangely fits my medium sized hand quite well. Thanks for the comment.

  • Florin Gaina

    Nice post, really helpfull. This mouse is at the top of my list now. I’ve been using regular crappy mice and i started having cramps in my fingers. What other favourite is the vertical mouse, if you have any opinion on that one, please share. They claim its the best for your health but i doubt it is as practical and accurate as this one

  • DesignBuddy

    Hey Florin. I agree..a crappy mouse with poor scrolling / ergonomic shape is the worst for hand cramping. You mentioned a “vertical mouse”…that’s something new to me. What is it exactly? I’m pretty happy with my current setup of going back and forth between my Wacom, the Logitech mouse, and the trackpad that came with my iMac. They all serve their purpose, depending on what I’m working on.

  • Cathy Kauffman

    My daughter is a graphic designer and is considering the Logitech mouse you are describing due to severe wrist pain after long hours on the computer using her regular mouse; howver, my rheumatologist has just recommended I get a vertical mouse due to wrist pain. Does anyone have an opinion on the benefits of one mouse over the other (Logitech versus vertical)?

  • Florin Gaina


    I found a website that sells theese vertical mice I don’t have any pain in my wrist (yet) just in my fingers, mostly index. I allready ordered a MX Performance from logitech, the fact that it works on glass did the sell basicly. We have glass tables and mousepads are a pain in the gl(ass). I got it from (since i am in europe) for 50pounds. I’ll let you know how my fingers will feel.

  • Florin Gaina

    For wrist pain you should also look into trackballs. There is hardly any movement in the wrist using one, and some of them are for proffesional use. With vertical mice, you might be holding your hand in a comfortable, more natural position, but you will still move your wrist a lot. The trackball mouse stays fixed on the table and the palm of your hand will rest on it. You will only move your fingers. I would have gotten one, but i need to move my fingers less. You can search for kensington trackball, they are a leader in the industry and they have a few good models, like slim blade and orbit.

  • DesignBuddy

    Cathy, since I’ve never used a vertical mouse I can’t comment on the benefits of a vertical mouse. However I can say that the Logitech mouse mentioned in this post helped me with hand/wrist strain. The placement of the buttons and the shape of the mouse itself made a big difference I believe.

    There seems to be mixed reviews on many of the vertical mice but the concept does make sense. Maybe also consider a wacom drawing tablet or a “track pad” (if you’re daughter uses a late model mac). Good luck!

  • Mike Bethany

    I’ve got a SteelSeries Sensi mouse with side buttons right under your thumb/finger and they are horrible. I’m constantly hitting them by accident so had to disable them; thus making them useless.

  • Mike Bethany

    If you have pain in your fingers make sure you aren’t entrapping your Ulnar nerve. I had numbness and tingling in my left pinky because I was constantly resting my head on my left hand and my elbow on the desk. Stopped doing that and the pain went away in a few months… yep, months.

  • DesignBuddy

    Mike, thanks for the comment. Fortunately the accidental hitting of buttons with the thumb isn’t an issue with the Logitech mouse (at least it isn’t for me). There are 2 buttons above where the thumb rests, so they can’t really be accidentally pressed. There are however a couple of buttons where the thumb rests, yet they have to be pressed quite firmly, so unless the user has a tendency to press very hard with their thumb when using a mouse, this particular model shouldn’t be a problem with accidental button pressing.

  • DesignBuddy

    Thanks for the tip Mike…as I was reading your comment I was actually doing the exact thing you were mentioning (resting head on left hand with elbow on the desk).

  • John @

    This one is a nice ergonomic mouse and seems to get really nice ratings around the web and on Amazon. One of the things I have become good at is being able to use a mouse with either hand when one wrist gets tired or sore and this one doesn’t look like it would be good for swapping out. Otherwise it looks like it could be a good one.

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