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My name is Derek Kimball. I'm a graphic designer specializing in logo design, branding and print design. If you enjoy this blog, consider subscribing (top of sidebar). You can also follow me on these sites:

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I was asked to create a new company logo for "Patel Psych" (a Hopkinsville Ky based psychiatry practice). The client wanted a simple design, preferably including a symbol based graphic that incorporated the company's initials in some way.

After ruling out a variety of other concepts, this spiral p design was one that seemed to be working. The brain ties into the psychiatry theme, and the initial p ties into the name.

While the client and I agreed that this logo was a good one, we ultimately had a difference of opinion with how it should be displayed. He preferred the icon be enclosed in a square and the type be shown stacked. Of course, he got what he wanted (as he should) and we finished with his stationery and metal office sign design. Another happy customer.

Note: the logo presented in the previews above are slight variations of the chosen design. I do this when the client's tastes differ from my own. Taste is subjective.


Patel Psych


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