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What’s the first thing that visually comes to mind when you hear a name like Nike or McDonalds? Was it by any chance a swoosh and big letter “M”? For many people the answer is yes. It goes to show how powerful an effective logo design can be towards creating a strong business identity and brand.

I create clean, simple and versatile logo designs that help businesses become more memorable and recognizable. Rather than rushing through my designs, a great deal of time is spent on each and every project. You can learn more by reading “My Logo Design Process“.  You can view some of my work by visiting my portfolio.

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If you wish to hire me or receive a quote on a project, please fill out my project questionnaire. Your answers will help me better understand your needs and establish a price quote. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me through my basic contact form. I look forward to speaking with you.