Clear Your Mind With These Trippy Animated Gifs

02/21/2013 2:34 am / by / 16 comments

These animated gif creations are the work of Davidope. Enjoy:

david ope animated gif


spiraling checkered design


cycling tendrils animated gif


spiraling design animated gif


trippy animated gif


animated triangles graphic


wormhole animated gif


animated gif


spiraling animated gif


opening boxes animation



My name is Derek Kimball. I'm a graphic designer specializing in logo design, branding and print design. If you enjoy this blog, consider subscribing (top of sidebar). You can also follow me on these sites:

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  1. normapink says:

    Hi Derek….love the graphics and I particularly enjoy your website. Great design and a pleasure to scroll through.

  2. DesignBuddy says:

    Thanks Norma. Appreciate the kind words.

  3. Ryan says:

    Love it! These are wonderful!

  4. mollymoo12345 says:

    Wow blew my it normal to feel dizzzzzzyyy??? xx

  5. DesignBuddy says:

    Haha…yeah some of them put you in a trance, but yeah a bit dizzzzzy too.

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