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  • Mike

    Really cool summary what world top brands logos have in common! To create successful logo It needs to be blue, written text viewable in small size with horizontal aspect ratio. So secret is revealed :)

  • DesignBuddy

    Mike, I wouldn’t say a successful logo NEEDS to be blue or have a horizontal aspect ratio. If that were the case, every logo would look the same. But yes, a logo having those attributes you mentioned would not be a bad thing.

  • DesignBuddy

    Magnus, that’s a very good question. You have me scratching my head. Maybe it’s because Facebook is not yet a publicly traded company, making it difficult to put an exact figure on the brand? Not really sure, quite curious myself.

  • DesignBuddy

    Hala, I’d have to say the Coca-Cola, Amazon, Apple, Disney, Nike, Volkswagon, Starbucks and Kleenex logos top my list of favorites from the list.

  • Angie Phillips

    Very good blog – Im very interested in the stats here and always interested in branding and logo design. Some very good points on simplicity. A logo that works at all sizes is essential and the above just proves it.

  • mike

    It’s great to see that everything we’ve learned is true. K.I.S.S. – keep it simple stupid!
    I have always tried to keep my logos clean and simple. Sometimes I feel like my images can be underwhelming compared to some of the ultra flashy logos I see around, but this confirms that I may be on the right track. Communication is the key.

  • Shruti

    You have made a really nice analysis Derek. Well, I like Amazon’s logo. The arrow from A to Z shows that you can find everything on Amazon. Cool thought.

  • DesignBuddy

    Thanks for the comments. @Shruti: yeah the Amazon logo has always been one of my favorites logos as well. It’s very creative. I always like how the “a to z” arrow also sort of looks like the logo is smiling.

    Thanks Angie and Mike. @Mike: I too have felt that way about some of my own logo creations, yet we must be doing something right considering the overwhelming amount of billion dollar companies who also prefer simple and versatile over the more flashy logo designs. They are just more versatile, that’s why I prefer simple.

  • mathew brown

    Hi Admin

    Thanks for posting the amazing logo analysis. Companies Like Google, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Dell, Hp define their different roles in the technology, but they become needful for everyone and make our life’s easier. Also, these big MNC improves the education system beyond. I appreciate for this :)

    Warm Regards

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