Worlds Top Brands Logos: What Can Be Learned?

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Below is a breakdown of the world’s top 100 brand’s logo designs. If you are a logo designer or a business owner this analysis may be of interest.

worlds top brands logos

Logo Design Color:

34% include the color red
32% include the color blue
8% include the color green
9% include the color grey
12% include the color yellow
8% include the color orange
2% include the color teal
10% include a shade of grey
37% include the color black
31% include the color white
1% include the color brown
1% include the color purple
81% include only 1 or 2 colors
17% include color gradients

Shapes Used In Logos:

19% use square or rectangular shapes
21% use circular shapes
7% use triangular shapes
10% use some sort of lines

Type Used In Logos:

21% include serif style type
45% include sans serif style type
14% include italicized type
9% include cursive style type
11% include type that resembles hand writing
7% include more than one row of type
41% use primarily capitalized type

Other Characteristics:

6% include animals in their logo
5% include people in their logo
5% are noticeably more tall than wide
32% include a stand alone graphic or emblem

These stats are based off of the logo design examples shown above which reference InterBrand’s top 100 brands of 2012. If you found these logo stats useful, check out: “What do the world’s top brands logos have in common?”.

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  1. Khaer says:

    The logos become top just because the companies are top.
    I think there are tons of greater logos out there we can learn.

  2. DesignBuddy says:

    I agree Khaer. I wasn’t implying that these were/are the greatest logos. The point of the article is to analyze the logos from these top brands…”top” meaning highest valued monetarily.

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