11 Free Commercial Fonts That You’ll Actually Use

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There sure are a lot of free fonts out there, but most of them are quite ugly, half assed, or for personal use only. Below are 11 free commercial fonts that you may actually want to use. To download the fonts, simply click on the corresponding links at the beginning of each font description. Enjoy.

signika sans serif font

Signika free font

Signika: A stylized sans serif font with a lot of character. Available in 4 free weights for personal or commercial use.

idealist font free

Idealist free font

Idealist: A clean, easy to read, stylish, sans serif typeface. Free light and regular weight for personal or commercial use.

abraham lincoln free font

Abraham Lincoln free font

Abraham Lincoln: A tall, skinny, stylish condensed serif typeface. Free single weight (upper and lower case) for personal or commercial use. (Update: free version is now only for personal use… commercial version is currently $35). 

manteka free sans serif font

Manteka free font

Manteka: An all caps font with a slight twist from traditional sans serif typefaces. Free single weight available for personal or commercial use.

nexa free font

Nexa free font

Nexa: A very clean and professional sans serif typeface with a modern look. Here is a free light and bold weight for personal or commercial use.

prism free font

Prism free font

Prism: A headline font for when you want a different look. Regular weight of this font is free for personal or commercial use. Additional weights are available for purchase.

hagin free font

Hagin free font

Hagin: An old school style serif font. Free weights available in light and regular, for personal and commercial use.

folk free font

Folk free font

Folk: You should be able to find uses for this folky, hipsterish, organic style font. Free all-caps typeface available for personal and commercial use.

langdon free font

Langdon free font

Langdon: A bold, all-caps, sans serif font suitable for headlines or logos. Free for personal or commercial use.

cubano free font

Cubano free font

Cubano: A bold, rounded edge, display sans serif typeface. Free single weight available for personal or commercial use (requires author notification).

lovelo free font

Lovelo free font

Lovelo: A unique geometric sans serif font for creative projects. Two line versions free for personal or commercial use.


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  • DesignBuddy

    Hi Gaurav, it appears Cubano is available for web use via Adobe’s web font management service “TypeKit”…just do a google search for “Cubano Typekit”. Maybe try contacting the font creator and ask if a downloadable web version of the font is available outside having to use TypeKit? Thanks for reading.

  • Alison

    Unfortunately it looks like Abraham Lincoln is no longer available free for commercial use. Bummed! It’s $35 for a 1-5 user commercial license.

  • Derek Kimball

    Hey Red. Simply click the font names which are links to the font download pages. The links are in a light grey color, while the body text is in black. Sorry for any confusion. On my computers the link color is noticeably different from the body text color, but apparently not so much on your device. Maybe I need to change the link colors on my site to something more distinguishable, or add an underline to all hyperlinks.

  • Oskar

    Hello and thank you for the article.
    I just checked Nexa font and I can’t to find free option for light and bold, they are not free anymore?

  • Derek Kimball

    Hey Oskar. There is a “download for free” button on the right side, halfway down the page (right below the “Buy Nexa” button). I just updated the link in case it was no longer correct. The link includes both the bold and light free versions of the font. Thanks for visiting.

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