15 Free High Quality Mockups For Graphic Designers

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It’s great when design clients actually take the time to send us designers print samples or photos of the design work we create for them. Unfortunately that’s often not the case, so we’re left with resorting to mockups to showcase our work for portfolio purposes.

Mockups can be purchased on various websites, though some folks are kind enough to offer them for free. Below are 20 of the best free realistic mockups I’ve come across over the years. Most of these freebies can be downloaded with no hassle, though a couple may require a simple email signup or Twitter share. Hopefully you find this collection helpful.

If you’re unfamiliar with mockups, they are psd files that you open in Photoshop. You simply replace the placeholder image with your own via the use of smart objects. It’s very easy once you familiarize yourself with how they work. 

free billboard mockup

Underground Billboard Mockup: This free billboard mockup (measuring 2300 x 1724 pixels) is great for showcasing vertical ads or poster designs.

free bottle mockup

Glass Bottle Mockup: Free minimalist style mockup of simple cork bottles with labels. This file comes with a resolution of 2,600 x 1890 pixels.

free tv screen mockup

TV Screen Mockup: Free mockup for displaying images or designs that would be seen on a television screen (ads, logos, photography, etc). Resolution is 4,500 x 3,000 pixels.

free framed poster mockup

Framed Poster Mockup: Great free mockup of a framed poster in a modern office setting. Max resolution size is 2,200 x 2,200 pixels.

free poster mockup

Poster Mockup: Another excellent free poster mockup with a monochromatic setting that will allow your designs to really pop. Resolution is 4,000 x 3,000.

free ipad tablet mockup

Ipad Mockup: Free high quality tablet mockup with some very nice depth of field. Resolution is 1,282 x 854 pixels.

free business card mockup

Business Card Mockup: Free simple and clean business card mockup which comes with 7 different layout options. Resolution is 1,920 x 1,280.

free ipad and iphone mockups

Ipad and Iphone Mockups: This generous download comes with 4 different layouts for displaying your web designs, logo creations, app designs, etc. Resolution is 4,163 x 2,764.

free store window mockup

Store Window Mockup: Free window logo or signage mockup with a few different style options included. Resolution is 4,000 x 2,700.

fre ipad mockup

Ipad Mockup: Another great free iPad mockup for showcasing your designs. Resolution is 2,500 x 1,800.

free hanging sign mockup

Hanging Sign Mockup: Free hanging lit store sign mockup. Resolution is 3,000 x 2,000.

free business card mockup

Business Card Mockup: Free grey business card mockup with glossy effect over matte finish. Resolution is 1,800 x 1,370.

free hanging sign mockup

Hanging Sign Mockup: Free storefront sign mockup over a neat looking building surface. Resolution is 960 x 663.

free tag mockup

Tag Mockup: Free mockup of clothing or product tags over a clean background. Resolution is 5,000 x 3,500.

free rubber stamp mockup

Rubber Stamp Mockup: Free rubber stamp mockup with realistic effect. Resolution is 2,400 x 1,746.



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