7 Elegant Script Style Fonts For Graphic Design Projects

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If you’re a graphic designer, you know how important a font choice is to the overall message and aesthetics of a design. Sometimes a serif or sans serif style typeface just doesn’t cut it. In some instances a good script style font is the perfect remedy. Here are 7 of the best script style typefaces out there. These are not free fonts, but they are all priced affordably.

classic script font

Hummingbird Font: A take on old fashioned italic hand written lettering. The font is classic, playful yet sophisticated. I can see this being used for barber shops, salons or coffee shops.

old style caligraphy font

Lamar Pen Font: An amazing reproduction of actual hand written letters dating back 200 years. Not too clean, not too rough. The perfect type for reproducing classic penmanship.

recherche font

Recherche Font: A classy, easy to read typeface available in one weight. A good choice for wine bottle labels, invitations, thank you cards, etc.

origins script style font

Origins Font: A calligraphy style typeface with a very antique look and feel. This rough edged look was achieved through actual quill pen lettering on parchment paper. A good type choice for designing wedding invitations, menus, or when trying to achieve a Tuscan feel.

bombshell font

Bombshell Font: The unevenness of this typeface gives it a pretty organic natural feel. It features over 800 glyphs and alternates. I can see this working well for weddings, cafes, coffee shops, female clothing stores or designs requiring a whimsical feel.

alana font

Alana Font: Similar to the Bombshell font in the natural hand writing feel and connection of characters. Different in that it’s horizontally aligned and a bit more formal. Possibly well suited for designs related to weddings, events or displaying quotations.

organic script font

Anna Clara Font: An uncrammed typeface with a modern organic feel. Add the available swatches and Anna Clara becomes a bit more playful. A wise choice for delis, coffee shops, restaurants, signatures or advertising headings.



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