Amazon Offers New Photo Printing Service

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amazon photo printing

Amazon just got into the printing business. “Amazon Prints” is a photo printing service available to “Amazon Prime” members and “Amazon Drive” customers.

If you’re already an “Amazon Prime” or “Amazon Drive” customer, this may be good news. Especially considering the very low prices for photo prints. Just 9 cents for a 5×7, 58 cents for 5×7 and $1.87 for an 8×10. Both glossy and matte finish options are available. Stationery and calendar printing will be offered shortly.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, this new addition may be good news. The convenience and cost savings alone is very appealing. If the quality turns out to be as good as my Walgreen prints, I’ll probably make the switch. It’s just too bad Amazon has limited the available print size to just 8×10. It seems they should have considered the amateur photographer looking for low cost larger prints.

Have you tried Amazon Prints or a similar online photo printing service like Shutterfly? What was your experience? Were you photos ever destroyed in the mail?

You can learn more about Amazon Prints here.


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