Best Brands In The World

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Best Brands In The World

Brand consultancy Interbrand recently released their “Best Global Brands Of 2012” report. As always, it’s interesting to see their breakdown of the top companies for the year. Not only does it list the top 100 brands, it offers analysis on what makes these brands successful. If you are a business owner or a designer who deals with branding, I recommend checking it out. Here is a quick breakdown of the Interbrand findings:

top 100 global brands 2012

Brands That Did The Best In 2012:

The companies who increased in value the most this year from 2011:

  • Apple (129% value increase)
  • Samsung (40% value increase)
  • Oracle (28% value increase
  • Amazon (46% value increase)
  • Nissan (30% value increase)

Why Apple’s Continuing Massive Growth?:

Apples massive growth can be attributed to the company’s strong brand loyalty, continued innovated thinking, simplicity in design and message, and top customer service. Their brand seems to go beyond their products, at least with many users of Apple products. The response to Steve Jobs’ death showed just how deeply so many people connect with Apple on a more emotional level.

There have been a few hiccups with the company here of late (staff firings, product mishaps, poor commercials, court cases) but product sales are still high. 2013 will be a good indicator of how strong of a connect Apple really has with it’s brand loyal customers.

What’s The Secret To Achieving A Successful Brand?:

“Today’s best brands are in touch with their own humanity and the humanity of others. They listen to consumers, employees, and investors alike and respond to the messages they receive. They want to know how people really feel about their company, they gather input and use it to drive innovation, and they realize that there is a lot to be learned from the wisdom of crowds. The challenge for brands is to respond quickly and with sincerity, or they risk compromising the relationship.” – Jez Frampton, Global Chief Executive, Interbrand

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