2020 Global Design Survey (Salaries, Career Trends, Etc)

910 607 Derek Kimball

Key findings from Dribble’s 2020 global design survey which explores the data behind designer salaries, career trends, etc.

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5 Brilliant Marketing Ideas For Your Businesses

910 607 Bill Watson

Most business owners will experience times of stagnant growth and confusion on how to remedy this problem. If your current marketing strategies aren’t proving effective at bringing in new customers and you’ve suddenly hit a brick wall when it comes to new ideas, consider these simple yet effective approaches below.  Host an Open Day  Hosting…


14 Things Novice Graphic Designers Should Know Before Joining The Industry

910 607 Lexie Lu

Graphic design can be a rewarding career for those who prefer creative work. If you’re thinking about entering the industry, here are some things you should know.

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Free Top Selling Digital Photography E-Book (For Limited Time)

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A top selling digital photography e-book “How to Create Stunning Digital Photography” is currently being offered for free. Get it while you can.

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Health Insurance For Graphic Designers

910 616 Derek Kimball

Stride is a new service that’s making it easier for freelance graphic designers and the self employed to find more affordable and simplified insurance options.

Hiring Freelance Designer vs Design Agency (Infographic)

910 616 Derek Kimball

Infographic showing the pros and cons of hiring a freelance graphic designer vs a design agency.

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Amazon Offers New Photo Printing Service

910 616 Derek Kimball

Amazon has a new photo printing service. Amazon Prints offers very low cost matte and glossy photo printing, stationery printing, and eventually more.

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15 Free High Quality Mockups For Graphic Designers

910 616 Derek Kimball

It’s great when design clients actually take the time to send us designers print samples or photos of the design work we create for them. Unfortunately that’s often not the case, so we’re left with resorting to mockups to showcase our work for portfolio purposes. Mockups can be purchased on various websites, though some folks are…

New Film About History Of Graphic Design Before Computers

910 511 Derek Kimball

If you stay current with design news, you may already be aware of the film “Graphic Means” – a documentary that takes an in depth look at the world of graphic design before the rapid advancement of computer technology. A new trailer for the film has just been released. Watch it here.