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Why Graphic Designers Require Down Payments

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Down payments are common practice in the field of graphic design and other service industries where intangible goods/services are being provided. This post explores the subject in detail.

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Free Graphic Design Directories To Submit Your Site To

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Graphic designers, help get your website found & improve SEO by submitting your website to these design specific directories.

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BrandWashing Marketing Tricks Targeting Kids

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It’s no secret that some companies will do just about anything they can to improve sales & establish their brands. But do these companies sometimes go to far?

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New Free Graphic Design Radio Podcast

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Are you a graphic designer? Do you like radio? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you may find this new design related radio program of some interest.

My Artwork Published In Advanced Photoshop Magazine

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Two of my designs/art pieces were published in a popular design magazine, including a digital painting (contains nudity) I did, along with a Photoshop photo montage I created.