Become A Better Graphic Designer Through Buddhist Logic

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I’m not a Buddhist, I’m just a graphic designer who appreciates good advice. Here are some Buddhist words of wisdom that you may also find insightful.

Your Twitter Followers May Belong To Your Employer

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A tech company has sued one of their ex employees, claiming that his Twitter followers belong to them. If you tweet or facebook at work, you should definitely read further.

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The Evolution Of Advertising & Marketing

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The concept of branding, marketing and advertising is nothing new. Check out this cool graphic timeline which illustrates the history of advertising.

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Best Free Stock Image Sites For Graphic Designers

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There are many sites for graphic designers and creatives to find stock images for their projects. Here are some of the best free stock image sites on the web.

10 Awesome Photoshop Tricks, Tips, Shortcuts

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Graphic designers and Photoshop users, here are 10 tips and shortcuts to help improve your design workflow. Do you have any other tips you would like to share?

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Poll Shows People Don’t Trust Poorly Designed Websites

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According to a poll where 577 people were surveyed, 70% claimed they would not buy from a company with a poorly designed website. Design, layout, and ease of use do matter in design.