New Website Design, New Location, New Year

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This year I moved 800 miles, revamped my website and made the plunge into full time freelance graphic design.

laptop stand

Portable Laptop Desk (StandStand) Review

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Review of portable laptop stand “StandStand”. StandStand allows you to work on your laptop in a standing position anywhere you can find a table.

portable printer

2014 Gifts For Graphic Designers

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Collection of gadgets, devices and other gift ideas for the graphic designer in your life.

kinetic art sculpture

Incredible Kinetic Art Display

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One of the coolest art displays ever. “Kinetic Rain” is a moving sculpture featuring 608 raindrop modules controlled by computers and motors.

type kerning game

Test Your Type Kerning Skills With This Free Kerning Game

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Practice your type kerning skills with this free, fun and helpful online kerning game.

joe fenton guitar illustration

Joe Fenton Guitar Artwork

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Amazing Joe Fenton guitar artwork custom created for guitarist Mark Tremonti. These illustrations are jaw dropping.

freelance graphic designer

Working As A Freelance Graphic Designer Vs Agency

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Here are some pros and cons of working as a freelance graphic designer vs working at a design agency.