Hiring Freelance Designer vs Design Agency (Infographic)

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Infographic showing the pros and cons of hiring a freelance graphic designer vs a design agency.

amazon photo printing

Amazon Offers New Photo Printing Service

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Amazon has a new photo printing service. Amazon Prints offers very low cost matte and glossy photo printing, stationery printing, and eventually more.

free design mockups

15 Free High Quality Mockups For Graphic Designers

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It’s great when design clients actually take the time to send us┬ádesigners print samples or photos of the design work we create for them. Unfortunately that’s often not the case, so we’re left with resorting to mockups to showcase our work for portfolio purposes. Mockups can be purchased on various websites, though some folks are…

New Film About History Of Graphic Design Before Computers

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If you stay current with design news, you may already be aware of the film “Graphic Means” – a documentary that takes an in depth look at the world of graphic design before the rapid advancement of computer technology. A new trailer for the film has just been released. Watch it here.


New Website Design, New Location, New Year

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This year I moved 800 miles, revamped my website and made the plunge into full time freelance graphic design.

laptop stand

Portable Laptop Desk (StandStand) Review

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Review of portable laptop stand “StandStand”. StandStand allows you to work on your laptop in a standing position anywhere you can find a table.

portable printer

2014 Gifts For Graphic Designers

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Collection of gadgets, devices and other gift ideas for the graphic designer in your life.

kinetic art sculpture

Incredible Kinetic Art Display

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One of the coolest art displays ever. “Kinetic Rain” is a moving sculpture featuring 608 raindrop modules controlled by computers and motors.