shadow art mans face

Impressive Shadow Art

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Brilliant shadow portraits by NYC artist Kumi Yamashita. Kumi creates his shadow art through precise placement of simple objects.

Gifts For Graphic Designers

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Gift ideas for the graphic designer in your life. Hopefully this makes your shopping season a little easier.

branding simplicity

Branding Study Shows Effectiveness Of Simplicity

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A Recent branding study shows the importance of simplicity when it comes to the consumer experience with a brand. Here are some findings from the branding study.

graphic design monkey

Wanted: Graphic Design Monkey Who Works For Peanuts

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Creating good graphic design is no easy or quick task. Apparently some people however think graphic designers should work for peanuts.

fahrenheit 451 book cover redesign

Clever Fahrenheit 451 Book Cover Design

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Clever book cover design for the classic Fahrenheit 451 book by Ray Bradburry.

liquid photography

High Speed Photography + Beautiful Women + Milk = Awesome

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What do you get when you combine high speed photography from a $50,000 camera, beautiful women, some milk and a lot of creativity? Some very cool imagery.

adobe security breach

Graphic Designers / Adobe Users Credit Card Info May Be At Risk

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Adobe has announced a sophisticated network attack. If you’re a graphic designer or Adobe product user, you may be effected.