profits from design

Study: Companies Who Invest In Design Are More Profitable

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A recent study shows that Design driven companies outperform their peers in the S&P 500 by 228% over the last ten years.

social media

How To Add Social Media Links To WordPress Posts

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How to add social media share links to your Wordpress blog posts without the use of bloated plugins. Clean, minimalist, effective.

shadow art mans face

Impressive Shadow Art

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Brilliant shadow portraits by NYC artist Kumi Yamashita. Kumi creates his shadow art through precise placement of simple objects.

Gifts For Graphic Designers

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Gift ideas for the graphic designer in your life. Hopefully this makes your shopping season a little easier.

branding simplicity

Branding Study Shows Effectiveness Of Simplicity

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A Recent branding study shows the importance of simplicity when it comes to the consumer experience with a brand. Here are some findings from the branding study.

graphic design monkey

Wanted: Graphic Design Monkey Who Works For Peanuts

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Creating good graphic design is no easy or quick task. Apparently some people however think graphic designers should work for peanuts.