Free Color Scheme Tool For Designers

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ColourCode is an awesome, free, easy to use, browser run color scheme tool for graphic designers and creatives looking for custom color palettes.

graphic design nerd

Funny Video Response To Clients Wanting Free Graphic Design

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Video of of sarcastic response from a graphic designer to clients wanting graphic design work done for free. Watch it, it’s funny!

Nashville graphic design

Graphic Design Nashville & Search Engine Rankings

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I’ve noticed as of late, some major search engine result fluctuations for my main targeted keywords like “Nashville graphic design”, but why?

fractal design

Free Inspirational Fractal Tool For Designers & Artists

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“WeaveSilk”, a free fractal creation web tool, lets you create cool looking designs for graphic design projects, artist inspiration or desktop backgrounds.

designers say no to spec work

AIGA: How To Reply To Spec Work Seeking Graphic Design Clients

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AIGA has put together a reply for graphic designers to use for spec work seeking clients, highlighting why spec work is bad for designers & clients.

graphic design crowdsourcing

Mark Cuban Latest To Jump On Crowdsourcing BandWagon

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Marc Cuban is the latest to take to crowdsourcing for his graphic design needs. So what is the billionaire rewarding the participant who’s designs get used? Well, nothing it seems.

graphic designer back pain

Effective Back Pain Relief For Computer Users

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I wanted to share with fellow graphic designers and computer users who also suffer from back pain, some of the products that have helped me most.

adobe cloud

Despite Adobe Claims, Users Don’t Love New Subscription Plan

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Why does Adobe seem to be ignoring the fact that a majority of it’s users are not on board with it’s new subscription only cloud based plan?