2560 x 1440 wallpaper design

6 Cool Desktop Wallpaper Designs (2560 x 1440)

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6 cool desktop wallpaper designs to spice up your monitor. These are sized at 2560 x 1440 (ex: 27″ iMacs).

stressed graphic designer

How Self Employed Graphic Designers Can Avoid Burnout

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Here are some tips for self employed graphic designers to reduce stress levels and prevent burnout.

fear loathing logo

Fear & Loathing Pen & Ink Logo Demo By Ralph Steadman

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In this video, pen and ink master Ralph Steadman creates his “Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas” logo in all it’s splatter glory.

letterpress printing wood blocks

Wood Type & Letterpress Museum Needs Your Help

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Hamilton Wood Type & Printing (one of the worlds largest letterpress and wood type collections in the world) needs your help.

photoshop keyboard shortcut

Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat sheet

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Free Photoshop CS6 keyboard cheat sheet for designers or frequent Photoshop users. This file is large enough to print off and stick on your wall if desired.

control interface

Why Businesses Still Need A Website In This Social Media Age

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Has social medial replaced the need for a company to have a business website? Absolutely not…here are just a few reasons why.

hand lettering script font

7 Elegant Script Style Fonts For Graphic Design Projects

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7 script style commercial fonts for your graphic design projects. These high quality and elegant fonts will make a great addition to your typeface arsenal.

design quote

25 Insightful Quotes For Designers & Creatives

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25 Inspiring and insightful quotes for graphic designers and creatives. Included are quotes from Salvador Dali, Einstein, Paul Rand and Pablo Picasso.

hand gesture motion control

New Motion Controller For Graphic Designers & Computer Users

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“Leap Motion Controller” is a powerful new hand gesture device for graphic designers & computer users offering precise hands free control without a mouse.

overlaying squares design

Clear Your Mind With These Trippy Animated Gifs

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Having creative block? Clear the mind with these trippy animated gifs from Davidope.