reduce file size of image

Reduce Image File Size Without Losing Quality!

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Here’s a great way to reduce the file size of your website’s images by up to 20% without lowering their quality. There’s a good chance you’ve never tried this technique before!

logitech performance mx computer mouse

Graphic Designer Mouse Review (Logitech Performance Mx)

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If you’re a graphic designer or computer multi-tasker, I highly recommend the “Logitech Performance Mx” computer mouse. Read my review on why I think it’s a great buy.

barter & trade of services

How To Barter & Trade Services Without Being Cheated

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Here are some tips on how to barter & trade your services without being taken advantage of by dishonest people. These are things I’ve learned from personal experience with bartering.

letterpress printing

Reviving The Lost Art Of Letterpress Printing

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The digital age has removed us from the more tactile practices of letterpress & movable type printing, yet fortunately these¬†nostalgic¬†artforms haven’t been lost completely; thanks to those who are keeping these traditions alive.

client graphic design handshake

Why Graphic Designers Require Down Payments

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Down payments are common practice in the field of graphic design and other service industries where intangible goods/services are being provided. This post explores the subject in detail.

graphic design directories

Free Graphic Design Directories To Submit Your Site To

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Graphic designers, help get your website found & improve SEO by submitting your website to these design specific directories.

marketing toward kids

BrandWashing Marketing Tricks Targeting Kids

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It’s no secret that some companies will do just about anything they can to improve sales & establish their brands. But do these companies sometimes go to far?

graphic design radio program

New Free Graphic Design Radio Podcast

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Are you a graphic designer? Do you like radio? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you may find this new design related radio program of some interest.