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fractal design

WeaveSilk“, a free (paint with light) web tool, lets you create some very cool looking fractal designs, easily and quickly. The program offers a pretty decent level of control for creating custom shapes and specifying colors. The images shown here, I created within just 5 minutes of playing around.

fractal design

Since WeaveSilk operates under “creative commons”, any designs you create can be shared, sold or used for commercial projects. The one downside is that saving your creations is restricted to only screen size png’s…not adequate for print work, but the program apparently wasn’t intended for that. Regardless, it’s sufficient for desktop backgrounds, graphic designers looking for abstract web elements or artists seeking inspiration for abstract painting ideas.

fractal design

Give it a try. It’s a great free no-download program that’s a load of fun. If you know of any similar tools, please share them below. I’ve dabbled with the downloadable pc-only “Apophysis” in the past; it seemed to have more of a learning curve than WeaveSilk, but if I remember right, was more in depth and offered larger image saves.


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