Graphic Designer Mouse Review (Logitech Performance Mx)

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logitech performance mx computer mouse

As a graphic designer, it can be a task trying to find a quality computer mouse that fits all of your multitasking needs. If you’re anything like me and expect your mouse to be ergonomic, feature rich, cost efficient, and built to last…then do yourself a favor and check out the Logitech Performance Mx Mouse, currently selling for around $70 new on Amazon. (that link will take you there).

Sure, this mouse is a couple of years old now, but is just as feature rich as any newer offerings (and at 1/2 the price). And the build quality is great. After 3 years of strong use, mine is still going strong. With previous mice, I was lucky to make it a year before scroll wheel problems would present themselves. So far, no issues with the Performance Mx.

Aside from price and durability, what else does this mouse offer? First off, it’s extremely comfortable. I’ve never been able to use a mouse for such long periods of time without some sort of hand cramping. The sleek black and silver design is definitely nice as well. One of the best features in my opinion, is the precision scroll wheel which allows for fast or slow scrolling of a page or document. The movements are fluid with just the right amount of responsiveness to your finger’s touch. I’ve found this to be a tremendous time saver when perusing the internet or viewing a large document.

Another thing I love about this mouse is that it does not require batteries (money and time saver). All you have to do is charge it up via the supplied usb cord every few days (I do this when I’m sleeping). There is even a battery level indicator letting you know the charge status. As with any wireless usb mouse, they require that you plug a signal receiver into an available usb slot on your computer. Unlike my previous computer mice, the receiver for this one is very small and nonintrusive. This is especially convenient for laptop users who don’t want something protruding from the usb port and getting snagged on things.

My absolute favorite feature of modern day computer mouses are the numerous programable button options. The “Logitech Performance Mx” has plenty of buttons that can be programmed to open applications, activate keyboard shortcuts, zoom in and out, or open specific documents. Depending on the graphic design project I’m working on; I’ll switch between the mouse and my Wacom drawing tablet. Each has it’s own advantages.

Here is a screenshot of the mouse’s software, which allows for easy button assigning:

logitech mx mouse settingsMore detailed reviews of this lovely little device can be found on Amazon Here. I simply wanted to introduce the mouse to any fellow graphic designers, creatives or multitaskers who may be in the market for a new one. If you’ve used this particular computer mouse or can recommend any others, please share by commenting below. Thanks for reading.


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