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As of late, I’ve noticed a slip in my local search engine ranking with What’s strange to me is not that rankings fluctuate (this is normal), but why some websites with minimal content and borderline keyword stuffing practices are all of a sudden ranking so well (at least here in Nashville, Tn).

For example, one particular site that is currently now ranking #1 in Google for “Nashville graphic design“, appears to offer very little in regards to interesting or informative content to it’s readers. Most of their blog articles are strictly keyword stuffed self promotion pieces with “Nashville graphic design” scattered throughout for seo purposes only.

Another site that has also been recently ranking well for Nashville graphic design related terms in Yahoo specifically, consists of very little text and a few portfolio images.

Now don’t get me wrong; both of these sites that were just mentioned offer some nice design work…but they don’t seem to offer anything that should justify such a rapid jump in search engine rank in just a short time. But of course I’d be wrong. If anyone reading this could please chime in with some possible reasons why my website dropped from #1 search engine position for Nashville Graphic Design, down to the bottom of the first page of search results, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Have you experienced something similar with your own local search results lately?

Update: A few days and a couple of blog posts later, I’m now sitting at #4 position. Google must be doing a dance, yet I’m still wondering why the the mentioned sites remain in top position.


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