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Over the past few months I’ve compiled a pretty extensive collection of inspirational photos, illustrations, graphic design works and more over on my Pinterest account. Below are some of these collections. Enjoy:

digital painting

Digital paintings: 126+ amazing digital illustrations and paintings from some really creative artists.

logo designs

Logo designs: A collection of 125+ impressive logo/identity designs in a variety of different styles.

business card design

Business card designs: 24+ business card designs for you fellow designers looking for creative inspiration.

creative brochure design

Brochure designs: 24+ eye pleasing and professional brochure designs.

custom type logo design

Custom lettering designs: 65+ custom type designs (identities, experimentation, signage, etc).

print design inspiration

Print designs: 52+ examples of print design excellence.

branding design

Branding designs: 19+ examples of great branding and cohesiveness in design.

color palette

Color Palettes: 77+ color schemes for your graphic design or creative projects.

joe fenton illustration

Drawings / Illustrations: 41+ amazing illustrations, sketches and drawings from some of my favorite artists.

creative graphic design

Creative graphic design: 33+ examples of creative graphic design work.

creative advertising

Creative advertising: 41+ creative advertisement designs.

If you enjoyed these collections, please let me know by commenting below. I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.


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