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  • Yoshi Sekiguchi

    Hey. Derek:

    This is a bad penny (always returns) Yoshi Sekiguchi. I believe I am an expert on logo design, so let me make a comments.

    1) Your hand-written logo is marvelous! I have done this way so often… In fact, I have never designed any logo similar to any type face.

    2) This logo is symmetrical and I like the purple. Purple is the most usual color for kimonos, and also feminine!

    3) Since the name was based on a stone on earth, they why “moon” is under the logo. I would have used something like “Planet Earth, or Peace of Earth (sounds too much like a Xmas),

    CONCLUSION: I love this and your lovely wife would love this to start her own business. Pls give my sincere regards from me… Reincarnated Leonardo daVinci (His B-day is same of mine) Yoshi Sekiguchi Author of the book, Inside Design

  • DesignBuddy

    Appreciate the insight Yoshi…or should I call you Leonardo? :) Regarding your question #3, I’m not completely sure the main reason for the name choice, but I know she liked the word “moon” over “earth”. A bit more mysterious I suppose. Thanks for stopping by.

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