10 Low Cost Ways To Improve Your Graphic Design Workspace

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Here are 10 low cost do it yourself projects to improve your graphic design workspace. Simply click on an image to bring you to a step by step instructional.

1) Here is a wickedly creative way to display your Imac or all-in-one computer. This DIY won’t cost you much, looks cool and saves floor space:

imac computer wall stand

Image source: ikeahackers.com

2) Here’s an inexpensive way to display your favorite design books in creative fashion:

graphic design workspace bookshelf

Image source: pinchingyourpennies.com

3) With just a can of chalk board paint and an old picture frame, you can create a sweet looking chalkboard for project brainstorming or “to do lists”:

Your design projects easily visible

Image source: howdoesshe.com

4) Need more space to work on your graphic design projects but don’t want to spend hundreds on a new desk upgrade or build something from scratch? This creative “do it yourself” won’t require much effort and won’t break the bank:

build your own graphic design computer desk

Image source: ikeahackers.net (Jules Yap)

5) Here’s a tutorial showing a quick and easy way to customize your bland computer chair:

designer computer chair

Image source: melinda-ann.blogspot.com

6) If you’re a graphic designer, illustrator or into photography, a light table can really come in handy. They don’t come very cheap though. Here’s a money saving way to convert an old scanner into a useful workspace device:

build your own light table

Image source: redferret.net

7) It seems that many graphic designers these days are into photography (either out of necessity or love). Here’s a cost effective, relatively simple build-it-yourself photography backdrop to help with your green screen or portrait shots:

diy photography backdrop

Image source: lifeisaprayer.com

8) A great little tutorial on how to make your own desk lamp. Great for designers or illustrators wanting a close up light source that isn’t overpowering. Sure you can probably purchase an inexpensive lamp at your local thrift store but where’s the fun in that?

design your own desk lamp

Image source: apartmenttherapy.com

9) An easy way to illuminate your keyboard when working on those late night projects in the dark:

diy computer keyboard lights

Image source: techepisode.com

10) And last but not least, here’s a smart way to un-clutter your workspace using good old peg board. Now you’ll be able to free up some precious desk place and have somewhere to display that action figure collection you’ve had since you were 15 :)

unclutter your desk

Image source: decluttered.com

Do you have any other DIY suggestions worth sharing? Comments welcome below. Thanks for reading.


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