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  • Jenna

    I really like this new logo you designed. I think both the positive and negative space really implies the lowercase b, and makes it really eye-catching. Awesome work. Self-branding can be tough.

  • Christopher Gunn

    I always find myself as my most difficult client too.

    I like the new direction you took your mark – and that’s a great orange color you’re using. Well done.

  • Juan

    I really like this new design it’s compact and maybe include the tip of the pencil also…you know the small triangle on the end of your new logo.

  • DesignBuddy

    Thanks for the comment and suggestion Juan. I did actually consider adding the pencil idea from the old logo, but I thought it was too much. I personally think it would be overkill. Maybe I’ll mess around with the idea some more though.

  • Juan

    No that would be overkill if you do that but it looks just fine the way it is right now…
    it is an excellent idea that came to you…!

  • Chad

    I really like the new logo. My eyes were instantly drawn to it when I opened your page. It has a sort of target effect which I would assume is a very good thing. Thumbs up!

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