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Are you a graphic designer? Do you like radio? If you answered yes to both of these questions then you may find the following new design related radio program of some interest.

The Deeply Graphic DesignCast is a newly launched bi-weekly radio podcast aimed directly at graphic artists. The new program was launched by Los Angeles design studio “The Deep End”. At the time of this writing 5 episodes have aired so far.

The concept for the show is simple; explore a new graphic design related topic in every episode. Show topics have included: designer experiences in the field, improving online portfolios, and finding inspiration.

I have yet to listen to the radio program but it’s definitely something I’m going to check out very soon. With a current 5 star rating, a diverse hosting cast, and a free subscription through iTunes, it would be foolish for any info hungry designer not to give it a listen.

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(jayfray84) says: Wes’ “Deeply Graphic DesignCast” is an awesome little tidbit of industry insider goodies! It’s refreshing to hear about tips, trends and general working methodology direct from fellow creatives, who explore issues from all angles, including client, business and creative. Definitely check it out.”

(plasmic steve) says: “What a great new podcast. I’ve really enjoyed the first four episodes. The hosts have a nice mix of viewpoints and experience, and they cover their topics in a friendly but fun way. Looking forward to hearing more from the Deeply Graphic crew.”

Update: Ok, so I’ve listened to a couple of these shows now. My first impression? Newbie designers and freelancers should definitely tune in. More seasoned designers can expect a lot of rehashed topics/tips/discussions, although encounter an occasional snippet of new advice…for instance, Costco apparently offers surprisingly high quality prints at very affordable prices.

Are you a graphic designer who has listened to any of these radio episodes or can suggest any similar programs? Please comment below.


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