New Motion Controller For Graphic Designers & Computer Users

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hand gesture motion control

Leap, a San Fransisco Ca company has developed a new device that will allow computer users the ability to control their applications via the use of hand gestures (think Tom Cruise in “Minority Report” or Tony Stark in “Iron Man”). While not yet as advanced as in those movies, this technology is nothing new (Playstation and Xbox use something similar for their gaming consoles), but apparently this is the first available to the PC and Mac.

leap motion controller

Not only is the Leap Motion Controller quite affordable (just $79.99), it’s supposedly 200 times more precise than current offerings using similar technology (Microsoft Kinect). Will this eventually replace the Wacom tablet or mouse? Who knows, but it does seem to offer some interesting possibilities for surgeons who must remain sanitary, heavy computer users and graphic designers (especially 3d animators/modelers). Those with carpal tunnel caused from repetitive mouse movement may find some relief as well. Learn more about the Leap Motion Controller.

control screen with hands

 Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Do you think this is useful technology or just a passing fad?


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