New Website Design, New Location, New Year

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2015 was a year of change for me. I moved from Nashville Tn to Corning Ny after a decade of living down south, went from part time to full time as a self employed graphic designer, and updated this website you’re reading now.

If you’re a subscriber or frequent visitor to this blog, you may have noticed a few changes from the last time you were here. Pages have been widened, things are now mobile responsive, and the overall look has been modified.

Now that this site is finished and I’m settled in after my move, I can once again dedicate more time to my work and this blog. I have big plans for 2016. Stay tuned and happy new year!


Derek Kimball

Derek is the founder of DesignBuddy and a full time graphic designer. He specializes in logo creation and visual branding. Over the past 13 years Derek has helped hundreds of clients grow their business and establish a stronger brand identity. View his portfolio, or get in touch. If you'd like to receive an occasional free newsletter with useful design related content, please subscribe here.

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