bar grille logo
logo on coaster
anchor shirt
  • Project Overview

    I was contacted by retired professional football player Uche Nwaneri. Uche wanted me to design a logo for his new Atlanta based establishment “Anchor Down Bar Grille”. You can view the design process in the section below.

  • Design Approach

    The client gave me a lot of creative freedom with this project. The only requirements were that I include an anchor, and the client’s professional football jersey #77 somewhere subtly in the design.

    To differentiate this logo from the many other anchor based logos out there, I chose a more intricate and hand drawn approach. Like with most of my projects, the process started with pencil and paper. Once I established a good look, I scanned my drawing and re-drew the logo in scaleable vector format.

    For the text I chose a fitting typeface which I then modified slightly to match the worn look of the graphic.

    The logo works well in dark over light and light over dark color schemes, allowing for versatility on signage, apparel and so on. Uche was very happy with the design and will be using it throughout his branding.