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  • Project Overview

    Logo and stationery design for “A Part Of The Story”, a new company specializing in customized children’s books, apps, toys and products where children can interact and become “part of the story”. View the creative process in the section below.

  • Design Approach

    For this project I was give a lot of creative freedom. The client only asked that his logo be simple and versatile. After throwing around a variety of design ideas, I knew the design above was a winner when I sketched it out. It fit the message of the business and was simple enough to work in a variety of applications.

    Other benefits of the design is that it works well in reverse color or in black and white. The logo graphic can be used as a stand alone identifier when applicable. For the color scheme, the soft blue and orange were chosen for their mix of business professional and playfulness. The colors will be used throughout the brand identity, along with the contrasting yet compatible fonts that were used in the logo and stationery design.

    The client was very happy with how everything turned out. He was a pleasure to work with and I wish him great success with his new venture.