roofing logo
roofing business card
roofing contract
  • Project Overview

    I was initially asked to create a logo design for Nashville based “Eaglemark Roofing”, which later led to the design of business cards, yard signs and customer agreement forms. You can view the creative process for this project by clicking the section below.

  • Design Approach

    This was one of those projects where the client had a lot of great creative input. When we met to discuss his project, he gave me some ideas of what route he wanted to take the design. From there I developed a couple of concepts, which led to a few revisions until we concluded with what you see above.

    The client had the idea for the red triangle, which I think really helps fill the empty space of the eagle body quite well. Plus, triangles look like roof peaks. The eagle’s wings are also meant to resemble roof faces…with the eagle head watching over (symbolizing protection).

    After the completion of the logo, I created a yard sign and business card, followed by a revamping of the client’s customer agreement form. He was very pleased with the designs and his new business image.