boulder logo
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  • Project Overview

    Logo project for “Boulder Beard Company”, a new startup out of Boulder Colorado that will be offering a variety of beard care products. The client wanted to deviate from the normal beard based logos in his industry, and instead requested that a mountain range be included in the design. Learn about the creative process by clicking the section below.

  • Design Approach

    The design first began with looking at photos of the Boulder mountain ranges, from which I drew a simplified version for the logo. I thought the design would work best combining all text and graphic elements into one compact design. This would allow the logo to work well on packaging, offering a nice balanced look.

    I created two different versions of the logo, each offering a slightly different aesthetic while maintaining a cohesive look. The hatched shading helps give the logo some depth and visual interest, while not relying on additional colors or gradients. This helps keep the logo versatile in that it can be displayed in single color, reverse color and keep print costs down.

    The client loved the design initially, but then changed his mind thinking that the design may be confused with other Boulder Co logos that also included mountain ranges. I disagreed, but ultimately it was his decision and he opted to just use the text portion of the logo for now and omit the mountain part of the graphic. I wish him the best of luck with his new business.