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interior design logo

Logo and stationery design for “Interior Anthology”, a new interior design business located in Nashville TN and operated by the very talented Jennefer Guthrie. The idea behind the company name, as explained by the client: “I feel strongly that a persons home should reflect a collection of items they love”. Anthology is a spinoff of “collections”. Learn about the creative process by visiting the “design approach” section below.

A variety of concepts were explored for this project, with us finally settling on the design you see above. The idea behind the logo graphic was to convey the word “anthology” visually. My intention was to mimic the “drop-caps” stylings used in books from the past.

The client chose to go with the hot tomato color orange. The serif font seemed appropriate, as it provides a sense of timelessness and compliments the logo graphic well. The client is very happy with her new brand identity.

Here is what Jennefer had to say about working with me:

Working with Derek was so easy.  He was very patient and understanding especially when I tried to change my mind, push to do something different or try to explore every option possible even though his original design was perfect.  I love the outcome and am excited to have such a well thought and executed logo for my interior design firm branding!