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wine bottle design
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logo on coaster

Logo design and wine bottle design for new Texas family run winery. View the creative process by clicking the “design approach” section below.

The client gave me complete creative freedom when he asked me to create a logo and packaging design for his new family winery. The first step was to figure out whether or not we should design the logo and bottle with typical Texas flare or go the more classy and sophisticated route. We decided the latterĀ in attempt to appeal to a higher clientele.

I created the design to include a logo that could be used as a stand alone graphic when needed (as seen in the coaster design above). This would allow for versatility with branding. The logo includes a custom stylized letter “H” with various patterns to add visual interest.

While the client liked this design concept, the idea was scrapped when the name was changed to “White Fox Vineyards”..which is now up and running. You can view that project here.