Logo Design:

What is a logo? A logo is a distinctive symbol which represents a company, service, person, object, or idea. A visual representation.

A logo is much more than a nice decoration, it is a vital component toward your company’s success. Your logo is often the first thing people see when introduced to your business or venture and can make the difference between brand loyalty and brand forgettable.

Web Design:

Along with a strong logo and branding effort, a website is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. The traditional phone book is no longer the best way to find a business, and hasn’t been for a long time now. People use the internet. If you don’t have a quality web presence you are losing out on a wide audience of potential clients or customers.

I can create you a custom website for a fraction of what most web designers charge for their web designs. I’m also in the process of creating a set of template based web sites which will be great for those who can’t afford a custom site.


A brand is nothing more than how your business, service, product, or idea is perceived by others. As a designer I can not create you a brand but I can influence how your customers view your business or venture. Whether it be providing one of the variety of services listed in this page or me helping you create a more uniform and professional looking identity. Everything from fonts used in marketing material to the color of your website play a huge role in people’s perception.

Image Retouching:

I can touch up your model shots, adjust your lighting levels, remove artifacts, clean up clutter, change your hair color, add makeup, change backgrounds, fix color problems, remove any scars or acne, crop your image, create a scene, and more.

Photo Restoration:

I can restore your old family photos, adjust your light levels, remove clutter, fix color problems, and enhance the overall look of images.

Flyer Design:

Flyers offer a fairly inexpensive way to advertise your business or event. I can create you an eye catching design to make your purchase worth while.

Poster Design:

A good poster design is hard to ignore. Promote your new event or get your message across in the workplace.

Some printers offer various poster sizes to suite different needs. Print costs usually depend on the thickness of paper, quantity desired, poster size,  and the desired finish type (glossy, matte).

Brochure Design:

A more intimate approach to advertising than flyers or posters. Brochures allow you to describe to your viewer who you are, what you do, and what you have to offer. A well designed brochure can make the difference between a new customer or another piece of paper in trash.

Many print shops offer different dimension choices and page style for brochures. Common choices include 3-fold designs, 4 page, and multi page options.

Banner Design:

If you don’t want your message to be missed, go big. Banners are great for live events and locations where you want many people to be able to read what you have to say.

Business Card Design:

It’s hard to argue the importance of a good business card so why not make your first impression a good one. Throwing a name and address on a piece of cardstock will work just fine but you won’t impress anyone by doing so. A good business card design involves paying close attention to things like: the fonts and colors used, type spacing, placement of type and logo, and cardstock to be used.

The cost of business card printing depends on the print shop, type of cardstock used, finish style (glossy, matte), and quantity desired. Some printers offer unique features such as rounded edges, die cuts, and various other mediums to print on including plastic or metal.

Letterhead Design:

Rather than sending your messages on plain paper, why not impress the recipient with a professional looking letterhead? Your letterhead should mesh well with your business card and website. Creating a uniform look helps better establish a brand feel for your customers or viewing audience.

Ad Design:

If you want to reach a whole lot of people all at once, advertising in a newspaper, magazine, or publication may be something to consider. These ads can be quite expensive so don’t let that money go to waste with a poor design. I can help your advertisement stand out from the rest by creating an eye catching and effective design.

Album Artwork:

Your music may be the greatest thing around, but if your album artwork is cheesier than a piece of swiss (or cheesier than this comparison) then you may be shooting yourself in the foot.

Digital Painting:

I can turn your favorite portrait photos into digital works of art. All of my paintings are created by hand; no filters or plugins are used. These art pieces make wonderful gift ideas.

View samples of my work:

You can view samples of my work in my portfolio page.

Hire me:

If you want to get a quote on a project, please fill out my quick questionnaire that will help me better understand your needs.