Logo Design:

A logo is a distinctive symbol which represents a company, service, person, object, or idea… a visual representation and vital component of your brand. Your logo will often times be the first thing your customers encounter and first thing that comes to mind’s eye. Not investing in a quality logo that properly conveys your brand message will ultimately end up costing you more in the long run.

Web Design:

Part of achieving a strong brand identity is having a quality website. Everyone is online, so if you don’t have a strong web presence, you’re inevitably losing out on a wide audience of potential clients and exposure to your brand. While social media can offer great potential at reaching and communicating with customers, there are limitations to sites such as Facebook. Those sites don’t allow you to customize your message entirely. Also, many people expect businesses to have a website these days. It shows an extra level of professionalism and your website will allow customers to access all of your information in one central location. Look at your website as a hub from which all of your other online accounts link to.

Because I’m a smaller business with less overhead costs, I can create you a custom mobile friendly website for much less than what most web developers are charging. If you’re interested in a free price quote, please provide me with the details of your project by completing my “website design project” questionnaire.

Image Retouching:

I can touch up your model shots, adjust your image lighting levels, remove artifacts, clean up clutter, change hair color, change backgrounds, fix color problems, remove scars or acne, etc.

Photo Restoration:

I can restore your old family photos, adjust your light levels, remove clutter, fix color problems, and enhance the overall look of images. If you have images you’d like restorized, send me previews and I’ll provide you with a price estimate. All images will be revamped and can be saved for web use or print. Please understand that there are limitations to how much images of very small size or quality can be enlarged. For the best restoration results, it’s recommended to send the largest and highest resolution images you have. Also, blurry images can only be sharpened so much.

Flyer Design:

Flyers offer a fairly inexpensive way to advertise your business or event. I can create you an eye catching design to attract more viewers and spread your message. I’ve designed flyers for music gig promotion, corporate events, and organizations.

Poster Design:

A good poster design is hard to ignore. Promote your new event or get your message across in the workplace. I can help chose an appropriate print shop for your needs. Print costs will depend on things such as: thickness of paper, quantity of prints needed, poster size, print style, and quality of print.

Brochure Design:

A more intimate approach to advertising than flyers or posters; brochures allow you to describe to your customer in a more thorough manner: who you are, what you do, and what you offer. A well designed brochure can be a great way to impress, inform and promote to your existing clients or prospective clients.

Brochures come in a variety of styles and sizes, depending on your needs. A tri-fold or bi-fold layout is a good choice for smaller amounts of information. A multi-page brochure can be useful for displaying numerous products or services to customers. If your budget allows, fancy print features are available (ex: die-cut, gold or silver foil, spot gloss, letterpress embossing and debossing, custom shapes, folders or packets for displaying brochures, etc).

Banner Design:

If you don’t want your message to be missed, go big. Banners are great for live events and locations where you’d like many people to be able to read what you have to say. The cost of banner printing may not be as pricey as you may think.

Business Card Design:

Along with a logo, a business card is often times one of the first impressions a potential customer will have with a business. If you’re handing out generic, poorly designed cards, what’s to prevent the recipient from viewing your business as anything but generic and mediocre? You want your cards to match the perception you’d like your customers to have about your brand. A good business card design pays close attention to the details (appeal of logo, fonts and colors used, type spacing and layout, quality of print, feel of the card stock, etc).

The cost of a business card design and printing will depend on the intricacy of design, the quality of print shop, type of cardstock used, print styles, and quantity desired. The print options are limited to only imagination… cards can be printed on various materials (plastic, rubber, wood, metal, etc), and many shops include unique print features such as: die-cut, 3d raised printing, foil and gloss, textures, letterpress, rounded edges, etc. There are also options for mini cards, multiple designs printed in one order, and so on.

I can create you custom business card and/or stationery design to fit your needs. If you have an unlimited budget and are open to something more fancy and elaborate, I can offer suggestions to consider. Or, if you’d prefer a less costly simpler card design, there are print shops I can recommend that won’t break the bank.

Letterhead Design:

Rather than sending your messages on a blank sheet of paper, why not impress your correspondents with a professional looking letterhead? I typically create letterhead as part of a stationery set for my clients, where a cohesive aesthetic is applied throughout. If you’re only in need of a letterhead designed, I can match the look to your existing business card design.

I see a lot of folks creating their stationery in non professional design tools such as Microsoft Word or Publisher. The result is poor print quality of logos, and often lack luster layouts from the lack of proper type management and know-how. If you’re unhappy with your current stationery, I can help.

Ad Design:

If you’d like to reach a whole lot of people all at once, advertising in a newspaper, magazine, or publication is a good option. These ads can be quite expensive so don’t let that money go to waste with a poor design. Many publications offer in-house design help, however the tasks are typically designated to print persons who aren’t very skilled in design. I can help your advertisement stand out from the rest by creating an eye catching and effective design to properly convey your intended message.

Album Artwork:

Your music may be the greatest thing around, but if your album artwork is cheesier than a piece of swiss (or cheesier than this comparison), then you may be losing out on a lot of potential listeners who peruse new albums (online and in record shops) at a quick pace. I’ve designed a few albums and can provide examples upon request.


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