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A logo is much more than a pretty little graphic… it’s an identifier, the face of a brand, and often times a first impression. When we think of a business or brand, the first thing that typically comes to mind is their logo (Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s yellow arches, Coca Cola’s custom script). This is because sight is strongly tied to memory, as studies have shown. Which is why your logo and visual identity are such crucial components of your overall brand, and why being unique and memorable is key. Especially in a day and age where competition is plentiful and expectations are high.

So how do you acquire a quality logo? With the various designers and logo service providers available to you, it can be understandably difficult knowing where to turn. While I can’t say without knowing more about your needs and expectations if I’m the right fit for your needs, I can offer some advantages of hiring me to create your logo…

For starters, I specialize in logo creation and brand identity. This has allowed me to hone my craft over the past 15 years (12 years in business); having developed hundreds of logos for a wide range of businesses, brands, organizations and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. So while many designers tend to offer a wider range of services, I feel my specializing allows me to offer a more refined and established service to my clients.

Also, when you hire me you’ll be working with me directly, as opposed to an intermediary which is common with many agencies. And when you peruse my portfolio of work, it’s of my own; rather than a combination of various designer creations. This can eliminate any concerns of hiring and not knowing which designer (of many) you’ll have working on your project; which is the case with multi-designer firms.

Other worthy mentions: my work has been featured in industry leading publications such as Adobe Creative magazine and Logo Lounge’s annual hard cover, I have a degree in computer arts and continue to educate myself in the field, I’ve invested heavily into my business to ensure the best possible service and product, and I approach logo projects in a very thorough manner; which I find produces superior results.

I’d love to design you’re next logo. If you’d like to receive a free price quote, I ask that you please fill out the logo project questionnaire. If you’d like to learn more about what’s involved with a logo project, you can read through my logo design process, and frequently asked questions. Or view some past logo creations via my portfolio.

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