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Why A Website Is Important For Your Business:

There’s a misconception nowadays that having a social media presence is enough to promote a business online. Sure, a Facebook and Google business listing are great ways to garner attention; however they don’t offer an in depth presentation of your business, your work, and your brand message. For example, every Facebook page looks pretty much the same. There are certain limitations to these platforms which don’t allow you to truly display your identity, customize your message, and connect all of your information in a cohesive fashion.

A website should be viewed as a hub which connects all of your online presences together. Your website is useful in many ways: allows you to customize your brand aesthetic, acts as a home base for all of your info, can offer a lot more exposure when optimized correctly, helps provide credibility to your business, and allows you to display material in a custom structure that social media sites do not. When you hand someone a business card with no website link, they are left having to peruse your various accounts instead of simply visiting your website to learn everything they need to know.

I personally rarely get clients from social media, despite having around 20k in followers across my various accounts. Nearly all of my clients come from my website by way of free organic search results. Sure, it took a lot of hard work and time to achieve top search results for intended search terms; but through my website and blog, I’ve been able to save tens of thousands of dollars that I would have spent otherwise on paid advertising to attract clients.

What Web Design Options Are Available To You?

So what are your options if you’re looking for a new website? Well, if you’re wanting a flexible custom site, you can learn coding and/or a popular platform such as WordPress and invest hundreds of hours developing the necessary skillsets. This is the route I took when first starting out as a designer many years ago, since I couldn’t afford the $5k-$10k cost web designers were quoting me.

If you don’t have the time or patience to learn the more advanced tools, there are simpler do-it-yourself options available that allow you to construct web pages visually. These are good alternatives for those who don’t have the funds to pay a designer up front, though in the long run you’ll probably end paying much more due to the steep monthly fees of these services (at least the better ones). Things to keep in mind: the time required to familiarize yourself with these platforms, the restrictions of having to use templates and pre-made modules, and not being able to choose your own hosting company.

The other option of course, is to hire a professional to build your website. There seem to be two types of designers when it comes to website development; those who excel in coding, and those like myself who utilize a more visual approach. I find my web design abilities are more suited towards small to mid size businesses and sole proprietors in need of a simpler site design. Since I’m not an advanced coder, I avoid highly customized projects. Also, since I’m just one person and have limited availability outside of my scheduled projects, I am unable to take on e-commerce work or sites that require frequent updating. If you’re seeking a designer for a project outside of my wheelhouse, please let me know and I may be able to put you in touch with someone who might be able to help.

A Few Advantages Of Hiring Me For Your Web Design Project:

  • I have a strong understanding of typography, layout design, color, visual messaging, image editing, and seo.
  • My branding knowledge allows me to effectively integrate your brand identity into your website.
  • You’ll be working with me directly, instead of having to communicate through an intermediary.
  • My web design and maintenance pricing is much less than what most developers and agencies charge.
  • You know who you’re working with. My portfolio of work is my own, rather than a mix of various designers work.
  • Dozens of testimonials and reviews provide a preview of what you can expect when working with me.
  • All websites are backed up using the premium backup service BackupBuddy.

Examples Of A Few WordPress Websites I’ve Created Over The Years:

While I’ve created dozens of websites over the past decade or so, many can not be shown because those businesses no longer exists, or the clients have requested anonymity. Below are some active sites I can show. Please note: since creating these websites, I’ve invested in improved tools which allow for more advanced features and site functionality.

Property Maintenance Website Design. This mobile friendly responsive website offers simple and clean graphics and messaging, and remains cohesive with the client’s brand identity. The site features parallax scroll, contact forms on all pages, and an attention grabbing text changing feature on the contact page.

Massage Therapy Website Design. This mobile friendly responsive website is bold in style as requested by the client, and is matching in aesthetic with the logo and other items I also designed. The initial site included a few more pages and additional content (which filled in the pages nicely), however some of this content had to be removed when the client decided to limit their service offerings.

Nashville Carpet Website Design. This is a very simple mobile friendly responsive website I created a few years back. This lower budget site consists of only a couple of pages, but offers the client a clean web presence to highlight their showcase products. As with many projects, some visual compromises were made due to specific client requests.

DesignBuddy Website Design. This is the 3rd rendition of my own website over many years. I re-created this site back in 2015 as a way to integrate responsive capabilities. There’s a lot more I’d like to do with this site; it’s just a matter of finding the time in between projects. I plan on changing the fonts and fixing font size issues, updating my portfolio with more recent work from the past 4 years, adding new site pages for pre-made logos and case studies, changing my contact forms, and revising my blog.

Humanities Website Design. This mobile friendly responsive website was created through a collaborative effort, where I designed the page layouts and most of the visual elements, and a developer handled the coding. The initial vision that I had for the site was changed slightly by the client, yet for the most part it’s as intended. There are some visual oddities that I would modify if the decision was mine (ex: cramped button text, font sizings, etc), and some imagery that I’d change, but those were out of my control.

What To Expect When Working With Me:

The first step, of course, is an initial conversation determining whether you need a website, and then establishing if we’d be a good fit for each other. This includes me learning about your business and what you’re trying to achieve with your website. After you commit to the project, a down payment and signing of a project agreement is required. Once the project is underway, we’ll discuss things more in depth to narrow the vision. My job is then to develop a plan to bring that vision to life.

While website creation may appear pretty simple on the surface, there’s a lot that goes into it: discussion and research, creating a site map, gathering necessary files, setting up web hosting, installing WordPress and various plugins, configuring WordPress settings, editing images and saving them for web use, constructing site pages, adding images / logos / copy, determining font and color scheme, setting up contact pages, creating any necessary galleries / image sliders / forms / elements / etc, optimizing all site pages and images, creating favicons, developing a mobile version of the website, testing and troubleshooting sites and contact forms, performing basic seo, attending to revisions as needed, redirecting the domain, etc.

Hopefully the above information provides some insight into this process. If you’d like to hire me or receive a price quote for a website design, just click the “Get A Quote” button below. This will bring you to my “website project” form. After you fill that out, I’ll reply back with a proposal that includes pricing options. If you’d rather discuss things over the phone, you can contact me here.

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