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How to Nourish a Design Driven Culture within an Organization

910 607 Jennifer Hahn Masterson

In today’s competitive world, businesses and brands that place emphasis on design are going to have an advantage. This article provides a few insights into why a design driven organization is crucial, and what steps should be taken to implement and nourish this culture.

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14 Things Novice Graphic Designers Should Know Before Joining The Industry

910 607 Lexie Lu

Graphic design can be a rewarding career for those who prefer creative work. If you’re thinking about entering the industry, here are some things you should know.

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designers say no to spec work

AIGA: How To Reply To Spec Work Seeking Graphic Design Clients

585 396 Derek Kimball

AIGA has put together a reply for graphic designers to use for spec work seeking clients, highlighting why spec work is bad for designers & clients.

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stressed graphic designer

How Self Employed Graphic Designers Can Avoid Burnout

585 396 Derek Kimball

Here are some tips for self employed graphic designers to reduce stress levels and prevent burnout.

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photoshop keyboard shortcut

Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat sheet

585 396 Derek Kimball

Free Photoshop CS6 keyboard cheat sheet for designers or frequent Photoshop users. This file is large enough to print off and stick on your wall if desired.

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designer wearing many hats

Pros & Cons Of Graphic Design Self Employment

585 388 Derek Kimball

Are you thinking about ditching your day job and becoming a freelance designer? Here are some of the pros and cons worth considering before making the jump into self employment:

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graphic design workspace bookshelf

10 Low Cost Ways To Improve Your Graphic Design Workspace

585 585 Derek Kimball

Here are 10 do it yourself projects to improve your graphic design workspace without spending much money. Sure, you have to create these items yourself, but isn’t that what designers do best?

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