Your Twitter Followers May Belong To Your Employer

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Apparently a few weeks ago, mobile phone reviewer Noah Kravitz was sued by his ex employer PhoneDog. The internet review company thinks Kravitz’s 17,000+ Twitter followers belong to them. The value of this customer list is evidently $340,000; the amount PhoneDog is suing for.

Noah claims there were no agreements or discussions made concerning his twitter account, either prior to his employment at the company or during.

PhoneDog says Kravitz tweeted under a twitter user name that included their company name (@Phonedog_Noah), and often times tweeting about their company. Noah apparently changed his twitter name to (@Noah_Kravitz) after parting ways with PhoneDog. Read the full story here.

So, do you have any thoughts on this story? Should this guy be able to hold on to his followers? Or should his ex employee reserve ownership? I’m personally not a huge fan of “Twitter”, but as a freelance graphic designer who may find myself working for a design firm one day, it’s good to be aware of these sorts of things.


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